Tyrone Turner

"Action is the foundational key to all success." ~Pablo Picasso

The Pentagon of Martial Training

Posted by Tyrone Turner on August 24, 2015

As one who subscribes to the Minimalist Martial Method of training, I have learned that there are 5 areas (sides if you will) to focus on to help get you in the best possible shape so that you can better protect yourself. There is not a lot to say as the diagram here lays is out for you.pentagon of martial training

In summary, eat good, nutritional food. Not processed garbage. If it comes in a bag, a box or a can, be careful. Make sure to get proper rest and recovery. Ice sore joints, etc. to prevent injury. Strength training is important. It doesn’t matter if you use weights, calisthenics, or resistance bands. Get your cardio in. For “slow go cardio,” take power walks. For more intense cardiovascular conditioning, do interval training with a jump rope, or use the run-walk-run method. Flexibility helps reduce muscle soreness and avoid injury.

Okay, enough said for this blog post. I hope that you found the info helpful.


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