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90 Days After Achilles Tendon Repair Surgery

Posted by Tyrone Turner on May 26, 2016

The day before my birthday last February, I tore my left Achilles Tendon. I was on a regular workout routine where I did modified Olympic lifts using dumbbells and plyometrics, so the drills I was doing that day were not that strenuous for me.


I was coming off working a lot of hours on my job and was having some back pain – which tends to happen when I work a lot. I work at a juvenile detention center and the job can be physically demanding. When I worked out that day, I cheated by not warming up properly. In the midst of finishing up my routine, I heard a loud “pop” emit from my left ankle. I immediately started to stagger and almost fell.

I was in denial about having really injured myself. I felt mild pain and there was a little bit of swelling. I limped home, iced my ankle and took some Aleve®. The next day – my birthday, I was walking up some steps and my ankle gave way and I almost fell. My ankle became very swollen and discolored. I decided to rush to the doctor. I saw a sports medicine doctor and he gave me what’s called the Thompson Test and a sonogram. Not only did I tear the tendon, but I totally ruptured it. I had surgery the next week and the slow, painful recovery began.


I went to therapy and followed my doctor’s orders and things seem to be moving in the right direction. I haven’t done any explosive movements or any cardio, but today I was able to complete my first cardio routine with no pain. What I did was one of Leslie Sansone’s Walk At Home/Walk Away the Pounds routines. I preceded the 1-mile in-home walk with three sets of an Istvan Javorek inspired dumbbells complex and ab wheel roll-outs.

Here is an example of Leslie’s in-home walking program:

I had success with this walk program in the past. I actually lost 30 pounds back in 2013 doing this program after rebounding from an injury. I gained some wait since this injury, but I’m optimistic and expect similar results. Plus this time around, I have been sipping down two 8 oz. cups of my healthy tea each day so I haven’t gained too much weight due to my inactivity. Literally all that I have been doing up to this point to keep my weight in check was following a simple plan: sip tea, shed pounds.

I can tell you for sure that as 46-year-old, aging athlete with a history of leg injuries that this walk program is one of the few cardio routines that I have been able to do time and time again after injury to get myself back in shape and to stay in shape. It is fun, convenient, and I don’t feel like heaving after I’ve completed the workout.

I highly recommend Leslie Sansone’s DVDs. You can do the routine at home, but perhaps you may want to go to a class. CLICK HERE to locate Walk Live classes in your area.





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